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Let technology take over your lawn - Greenworks cordless robotic mowers

Time is precious, right? So why waste it on mowing lawns when a Greenworks cordless robotic lawn mower does the job for you? Instead of mowing the lawn you can spend time doing the things you like – all while the Greenworks robotic mower keeps your lawn in perfect shape.

OPTIMOW® robotic mower technology – cuts when it needs to, day or night

Greenworks OPTIMOW® robotic mower technology manages your lawn to perfection. The robotic mower cuts at a time convenient for you, even during the night. It can sense the weather, so won’t mow in the rain, and is so quiet it can mow all night without waking the neighbours. Using the OPTIMOW® app you can remotely control the mower using your phone, and always know what it’s doing in real-time.

Your Greenworks robotic mower navigates using GPS, and its built-in sensors help adjust the mower according to whether there are any obstacles and how long the grass has grown.

Your garden is unique. So are Greenworks cordless robotic mowers

Every garden is unique. Which is why the Greenworks robotic mower range offers different models for all sorts of gardens: From small city plots up to 450 metres to huge gardens of more than 1500 metres.

Using OPTIMOW® our robotic mowers can navigate even the most complex gardens with ease, finding their way through narrow passages. And slopes are no problem. They can climb and descend gradients of up to 35% (20°). No matter how complex your lawn is, or how much it undulates. It will always look healthy and in tip-top condition.

Enjoy the benefits of Greenworks robotic mowers

Greenworks OPTIMOW® robotic mowers are fast becoming a favourite for gardeners. You just enjoy the garden and spend more time on doing what you love while they mow the lawn for you.

Greenworks robotic mowers work inside a boundary wire you place along the edge of your lawn. They mow anything inside the wired zone. Using smart sensors, they turn back from obstacles they touch, they are pet and child safe. And they won’t damage anything you left on the lawn by mistake.

Greenworks robotic mowers are equipped with a SIM card for connectivity, so you can program and operate them via your mobile phone. All our mowers are waterproof, working any time of the day, all season long.

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