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Greenworks Lawnmowers

Greenworks cordless lawnmowers – the quiet, easy way to a perfect lawn

Greenworks battery-powered lawnmowers are much quieter than petrol engines. They start first time, require minimal maintenance and do not release any harmful emissions. Lightweight with fewer moving parts compared to petrol mowers and easy to manoeuvre without a cord, that perfect lawn has never been easier to mow.

Choose the lawnmower that suits your needs

From 60v lawnmowers for professionals and landscape gardeners,48 and 40v for larger family lawns and 24v for small town gardens, there’s a mower to suit your exact needs. You can even choose between hand-push and mowers with a self-propelling function to make mowing the lawn a piece of cake. And each battery powers a whole range of different Greenworks tools for any job – without creating any emissions. Choose cutting blades from 51, 46, 41 and 36 cm.

60V cordless lawnmowers – the perfect alternative to petrol

Greenworks offers both hand-push and self-propelled cordless lawnmowers for professionals and large lawns. Powered by an advanced 60V lithium-ion battery these mowers offer high performance and long runtimes, making them a true petrol alternative, without emissions, vibration or noise.

Self-propelled mowers feature a choice of cutting options – collection, side-discharge, and mulching. And handle adjustment is easy through as central height adjustment lever. LED running lights assist you when mowing in dark areas such as under trees.

48v (2 x 24v) battery-powered lawnmowers for medium to large gardens

Greenworks 48V cordless lawn mowers use two 24V batteries, in series to deliver 48V of power, all without the hassle of cables and the weight of petrol. Quiet, light and easy to use, and with no cables to run over, these tough mowers are perfect for medium to large gardens. And you have the benefit of using the batteries to power your other Greenworks garden tools.

40v cordless lawnmowers – power and performance for most gardens

Greenworks 40V lawnmowers give more than enough power and performance for most home owners. Choose different sized blades and either manual or self-propelled cordless lawnmowers.

Using Greenworks battery-powered garden tools is the easy and convenient way to replace electric tools in your garden.

Once you own a Greenworks battery and charger you can use it to power many other tools in the range.

Lawnmower and grass trimmer kits – all you need for the perfect lawn

Greenworks combined cordless lawnmower and grass trimmer kits include both garden tools powered by the same battery. You have everything you need for that manicured lawn – with a Greenworks battery and charger you can use it to power many other tools in the range.

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