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Hedge cutters

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Chainsaws and Pruners

40V Multi Tool

From: £239.99

Hedge Cutters

40V 61cm Hedgecutter

From: £99.99

Hedge Cutters

24V Grass Shrub Shear

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Hedge Cutters

24V 47cm Hedgecutter

From: £79.99

Hedge Cutters

60V 61cm Hedgecutter


All our cordless Hedge Cutters start first time, every time.

There is no cord to cut or get in the way. They run much quieter than a petrol saw and of course, there are no nasty emissions. For trimming small light hedges, right through to large, tall and long heavily wooded hedges. The Greenworks range of Hedge Cutters has something for every application.

Greenworks cordless hedge cutters – trim more than just hedges

What do you want to trim today? Silent, versatile Greenworks battery powered hedge cutters and trimmers are ideal for shaping those small, light hedges or even tall, heavily wooded hedges. You can even use them to clear overgrown gardens weeds shrubs and bushes.

And being battery-powered, our cordless hedge cutters start first time, every time, with no cord to cut or get in the way. They run much quieter and are just as powerful as gas trimmers – without harmful emissions.

Choose from slim trimmers to robust, high-powered hedge cutters for enthusiast or professional use, and even long reach cordless hedge trimmers for lopping away those tall trees.

Long reach cordless hedge cutters and trimmers – for cutting in comfort

Forget about balancing on ladders, sore shoulders and uncomfortable working. Light, compact and ergonomic, Greenworks long reach battery-powered hedge trimmers are perfect for those taller hedges and trees. Opt for the powerful 60V battery model for professional use or for long, large hedgerows, or the 24V hedge cutter for smaller gardens that require less work. Each system powers a complete range of cordless power tools based on the battery power you choose.

Greenworks quiet action cordless hedge cutters

Reclaim control of your rampant hedges with Greenworks cordless hedge trimmers. All are ergonomic, lightweight and well balanced, helping you cut both vertically and horizontally. And all are quiet thanks to being battery driven, meaning no noise, no emissions and no problem starting them.

Choose the power you need to get the hedgerows you want. Greenworks battery-powered hedge cutters come with 40V batteries for enthusiasts and 24V batteries, perfect for smaller home gardening.

Hedge trimmers for perfectly manicured hedges

Greenworks easy-to-use, versatile cordless hedge trimmers are perfectly suited to smaller gardens. Lightweight, ergonomic and compact, they’ll keep on cutting long after you get tired. No gas, no cords, just easy-to-use hedge trimmers that get the job done in a jiffy. And the advanced 24V battery is interchangeable with all Greenworks cordless 24V tools. Need something for pruning shrubs and bushed or felling trees? Then you should check out our chainsaws and pruners

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