Chainsaws and Pruners

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Chainsaws and Pruners

Whether you are just pruning shrubs and bushes, cutting firewood, or felling trees. The Greenworks range of Chainsaws and Pruners has something for everyone.

Chainsaws and Pruners

40V Multi Tool

From: £239.99

Chainsaws and Pruners

60V 40cm Chainsaw


Chainsaws and Pruners

40V 30cm Chainsaw

From: £109.99

Chainsaws and Pruners

24V 25cm Chainsaw

From: £109.99

Chainsaws and Pruners

24V 20cm Cordless Pole Saw

From: £109.99

Greenworks chainsaws, pole saws and pruners – all the work, half the effort

All our cordless Chainsaws and Pruners start first time, every time. There is no cord to cut or get in the way. They run much quieter than a petrol saw and of course, there are no nasty emissions.

Greenworks battery-powered chainsaws – the easy way to perfect trees

The Greenworks range of battery powered chainsaws, pole saws and pruners has something for every garden chore, from pruning shrubs and bushes to cutting firewood, or felling tall trees. And they all make the job so much easier.

High powered, low noise, no emissions

All Greenworks cordless chainsaws, pole saws and pruners start first time, every time. They combine great power with long run time to keep working as long as you do. There’s no cord to cut or get in the way, no irritating noise from a petrol motor, and no harmful emissions. It all adds up to great performance from less effort. Your ears will thank you for it too.

What type of chainsaw or pruner do you need?

From professional cordless chainsaws that equal the power of petrol but without the disadvantages, to small 24-volt battery-driven pruners, you’ll find the right tool for keeping your trees tip top – or for sawing them down. For the rest of the garden, don't forget to check out our hedge trimmers - ideal for shaping small hedges to tall heavily wooded hedges.

60v chainsaws – power for professionals

These battery-driven Greenworks chainsaw powerhouses easily rival the power of petrol-driven chainsaws, but without the noise, the mess and having to hope they start. The Greenworks 60v platform is probably the best cordless system for homeowners, combining great power with excellent run time to bring you the sawing you need without the noise, the fumes and the spillages. Because it is battery powered, it starts first time – no need to pull a starter rope.

40v chainsaws – perfect for most garden cutting tasks

Compact and with an excellent power to weight ratio, the Greenworks 40v chainsaw is perfect for the small cutting tasks that you’ll have to do in your garden, easily chopping through logs for the fire, pruning and felling smaller branches. This chainsaw with brushless motor makes effortless cuts, is easy to use and start, with little noise and vibration and no fumes. Its the perfect saw for most gardening applications.

24v chainsaws – the ideal choice for smaller cutting tasks

Offering lots of power and run time this Greenworks cordless chainsaw is perfect for pruning trees and branches, or for cutting small logs for firewood. The Greenworks 24v system gives you more than enough power and performance for those jobs you have to do now and again. Its the easy and convenient way to replace electric and lighter petrol tools in your garden. Once you own a Greenworks battery and charger you can use it to power many other tools in the range.

Greenworks pole saws – the easy way to trim your trees

Greenworks cordless pole saws are perfect for lopping and pruning trees and high branches, so you don’t have to stand on dangerous, wobbly ladders.

Greenworks pruners – lop off branches with ease

Greenworks battery-powered pruners make light work of hard pruning.

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