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​Sustainable Gardening – Avoid Chemical Herbicides

What is sustainable gardening? Sustainable gardening has become a buzzword within the environmental community in [...]

Bee Friendly Garden

First of all: Why are pollinators important? First and foremost, we need to cover why [...]



Finally! Spring is here and the garden is coming back to life. Shrubs and trees [...]


The garden is slowly beginning to wake from hibernation. Snowdrops and crocuses are blooming here [...]


Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve has gone up in smoke, and the new year [...]


As long as the ground hasn’t frozen and no snow has fallen, you should continue [...]


The gardening season is almost at an end. The roses dropped their last petals some [...]


The leaves are glowing in beautiful red tones, the wind is whistling through the trees [...]


In many places, summer is now saying goodbye and autumn is coming. You can feel [...]

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