Hanging out in Eden

Socialising inside your garden

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Home gardens are works of art that deserve to be seen, admired and talked about. And yet, far too often we see gardens being treated like a museum. Some garden owners won’t even allow visitors inside their garden. Even worse, many garden owners don’t even take the time to admire their own creation after slaving for years creating a unique and thriving ecosystem. A great way to change this is by introducing garden furniture like chairs and tables into the garden. This will literally give you the chance to rest your feet, invite friends over, and socialise inside a calm, verdant oasis. But how would you go about it?

Laying the Groundwork

Gardens are usually irregularly-shaped, since they are built to take advantage of existing space. A such, you will need plan the layout carefully to ensure that your furniture does not cause any damage to the plants inside or disrupt regular activities like watering and trimming. A great way to do this is by drawing a layout of the garden. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even pretty, but it does need to have correct measurements, so use a measuring tape. Once you have drawn a layout, you can then brainstorm on suitable furniture that falls within the measurements and, perhaps more importantly, your budget. Don’t forget to factor in the future growth of your plants in your plans. If you’re willing to spend extra, look for shades and ornaments as well to make things more comfortable and personalised.

Choosing Your Furniture

Garden furniture is designed to be more durable compared to normal indoor furniture. This is because garden furniture is exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, extreme and rapidly fluctuating temperature and attack by pests. However, not all garden furniture is equal – some are significantly better than others. Take teakwood, for instance. This hardwood species is known for its extreme durability against harsh weather conditions. It is also pest and termite resistant, owing to a naturally occurring oil secretion that stays long after it is processed. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that teak furniture is among the most expensive around. Metal furniture is also as durable as teak and priced much more affordably. However, metal furniture requires periodical rejuvenation. The most common reason is due to paint peeling off. So, when browsing for your furniture, please communicate your expectations clearly to the salesperson you’re talking to. Verify their claims online. Otherwise, you run the risk of sitting on a rotting piece of wood three months down the road. Also, if anyone recommends you fluffy pillows or cushions, beat them with said cushions or pillows (you have to smile while doing this so they think you’re just being playful). Those things will be destroyed at the first sign of humidity, never mind the rain.

Lighting and Ornaments

Who says you can only hang out in your garden during the day? If you’ve never visited a garden at night, you should give it a try – they are wondrous. The eerie silence, only broken occasionally by chirping insects or the rustle of the wind, has such a calming and hypnotic effect. However, to make the place more comfortable and safer in general, you could add some lights to enhance the ambience. A couple of standing lights as anchors, fairy lights to mark boundaries and a few portable LED lights can add so much depth and complexity to your garden. Avoid strong colours and only use soft colours outside of the usual spectrum. This will give off a softer and more intimate ambience. Your friends will adore you even more for inviting them over. And if you have no friends, you can make new ones by inviting people from your office or that one guy at the bus stand you’ve been waving at for the past three years. To complete the picture, consider getting some ornaments. These will pop out even more during the day. If water supply is not an issue, you could try a small fountain – the sound of running water gives a garden an extra layer of authenticity.

Our suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. You will discover more choices once you start to dig in. But never lose sight of the original objective – you’re buying these things so you can spend time in your garden and soak in its wonder. Good luck!

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