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Get everything outdoors shining again – 3 mins reading

The first spark of spring, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is finally there to stay – it’s usually around this time of year when you realize that a lot of things in your garden and around your house could use a good cleaning. Your initial feeling might be to hire a cleaning company. However, the easiest way to get rid of dirt and mold is with the help of a pressure washer. But what do I need to know before using one?

There are several areas where a pressure washer can make all the difference. Whether you want to clean your car, the tiles on your roof or your garden furniture. A pressure washer can even assist you with wooden surfaces, such as fences. After some time wooden surfaces usually get small, black dots of mold, which should be removed immediately to prevent rot. With a pressure washer you can do all the work effortlessly and you will get your home, garden and vehicles shining again.

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The pressure of a pressure washer is measured in bar, so the higher the bar level, the higher the pressure. However, there are more aspects to consider when buying a pressure washer, such as the waterflow the pressure washer delivers. This means the amount of water it produces per minute, as it’s the amount of water that will make all the difference when cleaning.

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So, what size of pressure washer is the right one for your needs? For some, a lightweight, hand held pressure washer is more than enough to get the job done, such as our compact G10In case you have bigger cleaning needs, a heavier and more powerful pressure washer might be a good idea. Ergonomics is an important feature in all Greenworks products, which is why all our large pressure washers come with a trolley, so you no longer need to carry them around. Additionally, we also have the new battery powered pressure washer GDC40 for true mobility.

Womans cleans trampolinAnother important aspect is the length of the hose, which determines whether cleaning with a pressure washer is a hard or an easy job. This is especially true when it comes to larger pressure washers. While some are satisfied with the standard of a 6 m hose, Greenworks G50 model offers 8 m. This will increase your mobility while the pressure washer remains stationary in its position, while simultaneously giving you a wider action radius.

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A Greenworks pressure washer comes with a variety of extra equipment, for example several nozzles. These are easily attached with the help of special holders on the machine, which grants you quick access when you need to change between functions. One of the nozzles, the foam-nozzle, comes in handy when you need to wash a bigger surface, like a floor. Add the cleaning-foam to the tank of your pressure washer, spray the floor and let the foam soak for a few minutes. Then, after changing back to the regular nozzle, you simply rinse off the foam thus achieving a shiny, clean floor.

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