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Why invest in a trimmer if you have a lawn mower? – 3 mins reading

For many gardeners a lawn mower is one of their most important tools. The right lawn mower can mow large areas and will tackle even the trickiest situations. So why buy a string trimmer?

The answer is that a trimmer is no replacement for your lawn mower – but the two together will form the perfect team. A handy and efficient string trimmer will support you whenever your lawn mower comes to its limits, such as adding finishing touches to your garden or managing overgrown areas. Since there are many different types of string trimmers it’s important that you find the right one suited for your needs. The most important aspect to consider is the amount of grass that you want to trim. If you’re looking for a trimmer that helps tidying up areas in your garden that your lawn mower can’t reach, a small and lightweight string trimmer with a thin line, such as the G40LT, will be sufficient.

Trim high grass

In case you need to trim grass before a lawn mower can do its job or to combat tougher vegetation such as rough and long grass, cow parsley or nettles from nearby greens, you need a string trimmer with a bigger trimmer head, a coarser line, a stronger motor and wider cutting width, such as our GD60LT

Trimmer in use

Holding the trimmer in the right angle is the key – if you hold it wrong you risk scalping your lawn. It usually takes some skills to keep the trimmer parallel to the ground. However, our trimmer heads have a guard at the bottom, making sure you get straight, neat angles and measurements, to easily achieve the correct height to the surface that you are trimming. Greenworks’ clever solutions have even made switching the trimmer line easy. On the basic versions you change the cassette and line at the same time. It is an easy ”plug and go” system that allows you to quickly get going again. For the heavier trimmers we have developed a solution that allows you to feed the line into the trimmer without having to take the trimmer head apart. With an easy click of a button the line feeds onto its spool and the trimmer is ready to be used.

Sturdy protection for the user

Another common issue with string trimmers is that they can spatter grass, gravel and dirt around, which can make trimming a rather unpleasant experience for the user. Thanks to the sturdy protection that all our trimmers are equipped with this is not a problem anymore.

In case you need further support to help choose the right trimmer contact your local distributor and get expert advice.

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