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Find the the right lawn mower for your needs

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Lost in the lawn mower jungle? We will help you find the right lawn mower specifically for your needs. Before you decide for a specific model there are a few aspects to consider before you can enjoy the liberty of cordless mowing. We’ll take you through them step by step. 

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One of the most important aspects is the size of your lawn. A small garden up to 900 m² can be managed by a 40V lawn mower. For bigger gardens up till 1300 m² a higher voltage class is suited, such as our 60V lawn mowers. In case you are tired of mowing your lawn regularly think about purchasing a robotic mower and experience a new effortless way to keep your lawn cut to perfection.

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A lawn mower with a brushless motor is usually more efficient than a brushed one, as more total power is used by the motor and less is lost as heat. Brushless motors tend to be more reliable and require only minimal maintenance. The combination of low maintenance and an efficient performance results in a longer lifetime. Unfortunately, there is one disadvantage – tools with a brushless motor tend to be higher priced than a brushed tool.

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A mower with a push function is sufficient for most gardens. However, if you have a big lawn the question whether to buy a push or a self-propelled mower can be quite important. A lawn mower with a self-propelled function will be a great support and reduce fatigue, as the mower pushes itself and you only need to control the direction.

Collector bag

Another aspect to consider is the mowing function of a lawn mower. All Greenworks mowers come with a generous collector bag. But what about mulching and side discharge? Mulching is a great and convenient way to fertilize your lawn and to retain moisture in the soil. You simply use the mulching function instead of the collector bag while mowing your lawn and fine grass clippings will fall on your lawn surface. The clippings are broken down by microorganisms and supply your lawn with nutrients. The side discharge is a function that many gardeners don’t use very often. It is mainly used for grass that has grown too high and is too thick for mulching, or if you are mowing moist grass as this can clog the collection chute of the mower.

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