How to install your Optimow®

Our step-by-step guide – 2 mins reading

Are you also a proud new owner of our robotic mower? The installation is a one time effort and easy enough so that anyone can perform it. The required time of the installation depends on the garden size and complexity, calculate with about 2-4 hours.

Optimow on lawn

Before you start with the installation of the mower check that the grass that you want to mow is shorter than 10 cm, clear the lawn from stones or gravel and other foreign objects and make sure that the operating area is even without ditches, grooves and steep slopes greater than 35%.​

charging station optimow

Now you can start with the installation. As a first step find the right position for the charging station. Make sure that this is not a spot in direct sunlight. It should also be a place that is within reach of a wall socket and you should make sure that you have at least 3m in front of it and 1m to each side.

Boundary wire

In order to define the working area, the boundary wire is used. You put it along the garden perimeter. The wire is secured to the ground using the wire pegs. Don’t worry after about 4-6 weeks the wire will be overgrown with grass and it’s no longer visible.

Hard objects such as walls and trees are detected by the mower without a wire, instead it’s using the collision sensors. However, if you have flower beds, bushes, or other objects in the garden that the mower should not reach, make sure that they are also protected by the boundary wire.

Guide wire

The optional guide wire is recommended for a safe and quick starting position, return to the charging station if you have narrow passages, or to assist the mower in navigating to remote areas. Please note that the guide wire needs to be connected to the boundary wire in one end and to the charging station in the other end.

Optimow birds view

A detailed description on how to install your robotic mower can be found here. In case you need further assistance, ask your local retailer for help.

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